16th Oct 2019

The only thing that I've ever watched in a movie that I wished I've never seen is real-life animal death or real-life insect death in a movie. That's absolutely positively where I draw the line. And a lot of European and Asian movies do that, and we even did that in America for a little bit of time. I don't like seeing horses being yanked on cables from running Ws. I don't like seeing animals murdered on screen. I don't. Movies are about make believe. It's about imagination. Part of the thing is we're trying to create a realistic experience but we are faking it. And the faking it is the art. The faking it is the art of it, it's the make-believe of it all. I don't think that there's any place in a movie for real death...I don't want to see real death, though. That's the problem. It's the watching of the real chicken get his real head blown off. I didn't—I don't pay money, or I don't want to sit down and watch real death when I watch a movie. I don't even want to see an animal terrified. I've seen movies where they've terrified an animal to get a response from him, and I don't want to see that. — Quentin Tarantino â— NPR: Fresh Air January 2, 2013


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