24th May 2020

"My father once broke my mother's pinky because she talked to the mailman. My mother was 4'11", she wore braids and laced shoes and had pillows for breasts and walked like Charlie Chaplin—not your flirtatious girlie kind of woman—but my father was panic-stricken about that. So for me, married is prison. Before I got married a few years ago, I actually dreamt of prison, where all of the people in the prison were women. And my marriage didn't last, of course. It had nothing to do with my husband. He was a wonderful man. Honorable. But I would have to be by myself, you know, be alone sometimes and I would say things like 'I'm going to close the door now and it' not personal,' and I'm afraid it was taken personally. I need time away, alone. Not even going out of the house, but alone, just thinking. Friends have been known to come to my house after I've been alone three or four weeks and say 'that's enough, that's enough now." • Joan Hackett interviewed by Steve Gelman for TV Guide • August 16, 1980

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