15th Aug 2019



'night, Mother

THE SONGS: That Terrible, Terrible Night ● Black Moonlight ● But Not Tonight ● Darkest Night on a Wet Looking Road ● If I Can Just Get Through The Night ● Flash In The Night ● Walkin' After Midnight ● Me And The Moon ● Did You Ever See A Dream Walking ● Nightmare ● Sub-culture ● I Cry (Night After Night) ● Get Out And Get Under The Moon ● Miss You Nights ● Watch You Sleeping ft. Mark Kozelek ● Hey Moon ● Darkest Dreaming ● Losing My Taste For The Nightlife

THE SINGERS: Hamish Imlach ● Bing Crosby ● Depeche Mode ● Keith Hudson ● Sissy Spacek ● Secret Service ● Patsy Cline ● The Drums ● Gene Austin ● The Rats ● New Order ● The Egyptian Lover ● Helen Kane ● Art Garfunkel ● Blue Foundation ● John Maus ● David Sylvian ● Arthur Russell

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